Alfred Piri’s exhibition “Steps” in the Yugoslav Film Archive


In the framework of the Italian film “Film Fare” and on the occasion of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Serbia, the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade presented the “Steps” of Alfredo Pirineo, which opened on Wednesday, May 15, in the Yugoslav Film Archive.

The installation of Alfredo Piri in the Yugoslav Cinema was titled “Steps”, as well as the rest of his works realized from 2003 to the present. Although they use the same design and technical method, these works differ among themselves by location and accordingly have a different outcome. Within the Piri’s research, the installation “Steps” represents an extremely successful concept that was realized in places of exceptional symbolic significance such as the Carthusian Monastery of Saint Lorenzo in Padua (2003), the Caesar Forum in Rome (2007), the National Gallery of Modern Art (2011) and Academy Gallery in Florence (2012), Altemps Palace in Rome (2018). This work towards the Korad Bologna represents “the perfect allegory of memory on a tradition that seems to be falling to the ground leaving the traces of the past in the traces of the shards of time.”

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