Contest in quick preparation and creative decoration of pancakes: Dejan Pantelić selected the sweetest Jaffa cream pancakes

Almond, ground biscuit, sweet cream, raspberries and bananas, combined with pancakes and Jaffa cream were sufficient to create a very sweet atmosphere in Alonso Maxi supermarket prior to the contest in quick preparation and creative decoration of pancakes.

Dejan Pantelic ukrasava palacinke sa Jaffa kremom

The main ingredient of pancakes was Jaffa cream, presented in a unique manner by radio and TV host Dejan Pantelić. The cream is produced in a traditional process, where whole raw hazelnuts are roasted and then a fine cream spread is made, combined with milky cream. Jaffa cream is produced in Italy, upon an Old Italian recipe.

Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki

Jaffa cream contains as much as 13 percent of freshly roasted hazelnuts in the dark part of the cream, while the while part is rich with milk. This provides it with a fantastic taste and appeal, which many will recognise and be reminded of the creams of their childhood.

Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki1 Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki2 Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki3 Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki4 Slatko takmicenje u dekorisanju palacinki5

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