Five million dinars for the enrichment of everyday life in Čelarevo and Bačka Palanka

Carlsberg Serbia and Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation have traditionally continued to support the inhabitants of Čelarevo and Bačka Palanka, financing projects that the local community contributes to the regulation of its environment through its own engagement and creativity.

Implementation of one of the winning projects, “Regulation of the Beaches on the Danube in Čelarevo” of the Local Community of Čelarevo, served as a reason that at that particular location, winners of the competition for local projects were awarded with a total value of five million dinars, and that the employees of Carlsberg Serbia organise work action and in this way contribute to the realisation of the project. As a sign of gratitude and recognition, the winners of the competition, the General Manager of Carlsberg Serbia, Mr. Vladimir Vava, presented the winning plaques on this occasion, while the ceremonial presentations were attended by the deputy of the Provincial Secretary for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, Aleksandar Andrić, and the Deputy Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Pavle Počuč.

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