Galenika starts the Platform For Illness Prevention and Preservation of youth health

Marking the corporate jubilee with commitment to the future

The company Galenika a.d. Beograd officially launched the online platform “HELLO TWENTIES” (, intended for educating young people about healthy life habits to strengthen and maintain mental and physical health. The platform is a strategically important, long-term project of social responsibility at the national level, intended to inform young people and students throughout Serbia about the importance of prevention with the advice of eminent medical experts.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of prevention of chronic diseases through establishment of a credible source of information and placement of modern health advice, through content designed in accordance with the needs of the young people.

„Prevention is not just a personal and private issue – in the long run, it is a chain reaction and an important social issue. With this project, we want to support twenty-year-old’s, show that we think of them and understand the challenges they face and, most importantly, to prepare them for a healthier future. Investing in prevention is investing in the future health of the entire nation. We thank all partners – associates and organizations that showed interest and supported this Galenika’s project“, said Ricardo Vian Marquez, General Manager of Galenika a.d. Beograd.

In cooperation with partners, medical experts from various fields, Galenika has created a comprehensive eGuide on the principles of healthy living: “How to find balance and maintain health”. The content of the eGuide includes quality and proven educational content divided into seven most important health areas to improve daily routine and quality of life. These are: diet, physical activity, mental health, contraception, addictions, hormones and allergies. Within these areas, the relevant information, recommendations and advice are given on how to avoid certain problems by building healthy habits, then how to recognize symptoms and when and how to react if they occur, including going to regular check-ups.

The institutional support to the project gave Ministry of Youth and Sport, as well as the University of Belgrade, and Youth Associations- KOMS and FONIS.

Students need our support and education on the prevention of non-communicable chronic diseases is very important for them. Today’s students will be decision makers in this society tomorrow, employees of the companies, parents, which is why it is very important for them to adopt the principles of an active and healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of unverified information that surround us in the online world, and it is of exceptional importance, an informative eGuide written by doctors, specialists in certain fields is being created, which is why we are happy to support the HELLO TWENTY project”- said prof. Dr. Patar Bulat, Vice Rector for Teaching of the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade.

Raising awareness about prevention has the ultimate goal of supporting young people to be responsible to themselves and their own health in order to build sustainable habits and make healthier choices. The online portal “HELLO TWENTIES” and eGuide provide young people with contemporary advice and recommendations on how to establish habits that lead to a balanced and healthy lifestyle in this challenging period of their lives, but also globally – a challenging time.

During July this year, the company Galenika conducted a survey among young people which showed that most young people in Serbia are struggling with various health problems and that their healthy living habits are not so close. Such data indicated a significant space in terms of raising awareness of the importance of prevention, which defined the concept of the online platform “HELLO TWENTIES” and a specialized eGuide.

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