Mercedes-Benz G-Class luxury all-terrain vehicle considered a design icon

The G-Class, a Mercedes-Benz luxury all-terrain vehicle, has long been considered a design icon.

On and off the road, in all driving conditions, this Mercedes-Benz all-terrain vehicle impresses with its performance, the latest support systems, outstanding handling and safety. Celebrating this year 40 years since the first version was created in 1979, the G-Class has been and remains – powerful and

The distinctive exterior emphasizes the timelessness of this model, while the modern interior emphasizes comfort. With the character of an all-terrain vehicle and high-end luxury equipment, the G-Class has always combined the two into a harmonious symbiosis.
The specification for the G-Class not only includes off-road solidity and superiority but also greater driving dynamics and asphalt comfort. Along the way, the G-Class is as agile as it is comfortable and gives the driver a better steering feel. Off-road, she is more firm in direction and easy to drive.
It is not only the longest-running passenger car series in the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand but also the ancestor of all-terrain vehicles that carry the three-pointed star – that’s why all Mercedes SUVs have a big G in their name.

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