Vlade Divac presents “Really Important Card”

The first philanthropic card in Serbia that will involve citizens in the development of local communities

On Monday, May 20, 2019, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a “Really Important Card” within the project “Improving the Delivery Framework”.

This card represents an innovative model of fundraising in the form of consumer cards that connect citizens, NGOs and local companies in order to promote goodwill and solidarity in local communities.

Vlade Divac, founder of the Ana Foundation and Vlade Divac, said that it is very important to create teams like this, to move the borders and provide opportunities for young people to provide a brighter future.

“This is a really important team for all of us and for the future of young people in Serbia,” Divac said, adding that he was very proud of this, due to Serbia’s recent entry into the “Hall of Fame”.

Laura Pavlovic, Director of the Office for Democratic and Economic Development, USAID, who supports this project, said that the truly important card encourages public-sector cooperation in the benefit of citizens.

“One of the goals of USAID is to support the efforts of local actors to ensure sustainability in the countries in which USAID worked. This is a long lasting process, but the development of innovative tools like this card represents an important step towards this.

By using “really important cards” in stores that are these initiatives, citizens are entitled to a discount on every purchase. In the meantime, 1% of the funds collected from customers were made using these cards, donated to the local community and used to finance local projects that were voted by certain citizens. For more detailed information about the card itself, as well as about the organizations and companies involved in this initiative, you can visit the site stvarnovazna.rs.


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