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The growth of industrial production in Serbia will continue to contribute to the good business results of Messer Tehnogas in 2020 too. However, the company’s excellent financial results are also the consequence of continuity of operations, investments and new technologies Messer has been introducing.

Messer Tehnogas achieved excellent financial results last year which are a consequence of the growth, development and stability in all business segments,” says Djordje Savić, CEO of Messer Tehnogas and adds: “The growth and development of the economy, the market, our customers and business partners, financial, legal and other institutions, has created space and opportunities for accomplishing good business results. The continuity of our operations, investments, new capacities, new technologies, and our employees, all helped us to create superior new products and supply formats, as well as to achieve the planned goals.”

Messer has launched its Safety for Life campaign at the corporate level. Which projects in Serbia are you most proud of?

— The campaign we are focusing on is not a project but a process. Safety comes first in every segment – production, handling, transport and end-user consumption, whether we are talking about metal, chemical or food industries or healthcare. We have invested not only in our facilities and new production equipment but also in new production process control software and new transfer or transportation equipment in order to keep our processes and employees safe. By sharing and transferring experiences to our customers, we collectively come up with the best solutions for secure and regular supply.

Bearing in mind that Messer products and technologies are applied in almost all branches of industry, how would you rate the level of industrial production in Serbia?

— From the very beginning, we have pointed out that the growth and development of the economy and industrial production have had a significant impact on us achieving good business results. We think that Serbia’s industrial production is still lagging behind other developed countries. However, this can also be an opportunity and a chance for rapid, sustainable and continuous growth.

What are Messer Tehnogas’ plans and expectations for 2020?

— Our plan is to actively participate in and contribute to the development of the gas industry in Serbia. New investments and growth in industrial production will contribute to the growth of the company’s revenue. We expect that this year the positive trends from the previous period will continue.

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