Peter Goldschmidt is the new CEO of the STADA Group

Peter Goldschmidt succeeded Claudio Albrecht as General Manager of Stade Arzneimittel AG (“STADA” or “Group”) by taking over from September 1, 2018.

Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main. STADA. Goldschmidt. 30.8.2018.

Goldschmidt (53) is an experienced general manager and an OTC expert who was until recently president of Sandoz US, the global generic sector of Novartis, and the North America leader. Goldschmidt will focus on continuing the Stage of the growth strategy that Albrecht has successfully strengthened and improved in 2017. Goldschmidt came from Stuttgart from the Novartis Group where he has been in various leadership positions in Europe, Asia and the United States over the past 28 years. Prior to that, Peter Goldschmidt was a member of Global Sandoz Management Team for Central and Eastern Europe, and led Sandoz to a leading position in the generics market by seriously improving their OTC business. “Of course, I know Stada as a long-standing key player in the industry and I see huge potential for the Group. Together with all employees, we will aim to fully capitalize on the opportunities for growth, “announced the new Managing Director. Goldschmidt intends to use the next hundred days for a detailed introduction of the Group, its partners and clients, and will then consider its strategic priorities with its team.

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