Silicon Valley: The Technology Capital of the World

By Žikica Milošević

Everyone has probably heard of the term “Silicon Valley”, but not everyone can show it on the map. Silicon Valley is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern California, the most cosmopolitan part of the Golden State.

Many people also don’t know that San Jose is the 10th biggest city in America, and the third wealthiest city in the world (per capita), after Zurich and Oslo. The word “silicon” in “Silicon Valley” comes from the fact that a large number of innovators have based their production of semiconductors and silicon from which transistors and integrated circuits are made in the valley. Today, the valley is home to over 30 companies that have made the Fortune 1000 list. There are also thousands of startup companies here, which cannot imagine a better place to flourish in. As much as a third of the investment capital in the entire United States is concentrated in Silicon Valley. Integrated circuits, microprocessors and microcomputers (the forerunner of today’s PC) all originate from there.

This is not a coincidence since the first radio station with a regular programme in the United States was founded in San Jose in 1909. In 1939, a business practice called welfare capitalism emerged, where pensions, social welfare and other benefits were consolidated, and the idea of social solidarity was cemented. Ever since, these practices have been a must in high-tech companies, which are becoming higher and more tech as time passes. Stanford University Park played a major role in this. Hewlett-Packard was one of the first residents in the park, while their early tenants also included Eastman Kodak, General Electric and Lockheed. It became clear that America would become the world’s major power because of science and technology, and that San Jose would become the centre of the world, with similar clusters worldwide being named after it.

Today, it is difficult to count the number of companies in Silicon Valley that are known across the globe and that dictate the technological pace. These include Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Intel, Netflix, Nvidia, Oracle, PayPal, Twitter, Google… Aherton, a town in Silicon Valley, is the most expensive place to live in in the entire US. While the most expensive cars line up parking lots in the valley and hundreds of thousands of IT workers dictate our present and future day and night, Silicon Valley still remains the goal of every IT professional and the place that will determine our lives in the years to come.

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