UNICEF’s Innovation Fund makes first investment in a startup from Serbia

Propter is developing a platform to support students and teachers

Propter, the first startup from Serbia in which the UNICEF Innovation Fund has invested US$ 97,900, is developing a platform for creating content in virtual reality that can be used by both teachers and students. This Serbian company is one of 11 startups from nine countries that are using technology to address the digital challenges faced by children around the world.
The products being developed by these startups focus on solutions that bridge learning or connectivity gaps towards employability. More information on the 11 selected startups are available on https://www.unicef.org/innovation/innovation-fund-skills-connectivity-cohort

Nearly 4 billion people (29% of whom are 18-24-year-olds) remain unconnected from the internet, and by extension unconnected to digital products that could dramatically improve their lives. Adding to this challenge, the gender digital divide is also growing, and studies show men outnumber women on the internet as much as two to one. If the situation does not change, many young people are in danger of falling behind and being excluded from the digital world.
Propter, a startup from Vrsac in Serbia which has brought together gamers and technology enthusiasts, is developing the ScioXR platform that enables easy creation of VR / AR (XR) content to empower students to learn by doing. The ScioXR platform allows users to make XR content focused on STEM education, which students can use on devices that are easily accessible to them – mainly on smartphones.
The platform is intended for teachers and students. Teachers will be able to use the software to create new content in accordance with the curriculum that students will be able to use during class. On the other hand, students will gain new experiences while trying out the content prepared by their teachers, and they will be able to create content that everyone will be able to consume.

This product is intended to be used as supplementary educational material that will help students master topics that are harder to understand without the use of VR or AR technology.
The next UNICEF Innovation Fund call for startups developing blockchain solutions is underway. Startup companies from Serbia are welcome to apply again – more details about this call, which is open until 27 July 2020, can be found on https://www.unicef.org/serbia/medija-centar/vesti/inovacioni-fond-konkurs-blockchain

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