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New regulations luring investors in renewables

The legislation that Serbia adopted in June will attract capital and help launch green energy projects, said participants at a conference in Belgrade titled “New PPA Package in Serbia – Main Challenges”. The event was organized by Petrikić & Partneri AOD in cooperation with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz with the support of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Belgrade. The regulations were six months late but still a good signal while their quality makes the country the most advanced in the region. Ever since the adoption of the Energy Law in 2014, with the aim to harmonise energy legislation with the European Union’s Third Energy Package, investors have been waiting for the necessary by-laws to go ahead with their projects.

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Swiss Tourism: Spectacular Mountains Popularised by the Brits

Tourism in Switzerland did not really exist until the 19th century. That’s when the British craze for travelling and exploring tourist destinations started.  At the same time, it was fuelled by the expansion of the railway and the Romanticism, which propelled interest of both common people and nobility to visit destinations abroad. Today, Swiss tourism is a gigantic industry with Switzerland being one of the most popular destinations.

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Lukoil 25 god (10)

LUKOIL celebrates 25 years

“LUKOIL SERBIA” AD, a daughter-company of PAO “LUKOIL”, with 113 active retail stores is ranked second in the number of gas stations in the market of the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian market is designated as one of the important ones for Lukoil. Throughout the period of stable development of the company full attention is paid to strengthening the company’s reputation in the local market. In its anniversary year, the company started cooperation with a pair of actors Vojin Ćetković – Sloboda Mićalović, with who it shares common positive values.

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