Customers love new products – yes or no?

The process of acceptance of new products on the market is steady and cyclic. In accordance with the dynamics of the market and civilized innovative precedents in the lives of consumers, every little a new product or service moves in. Certain products fit in immediately in the market process – what happens is ,, so-called product-market fit. ” For other products it takes time, adapting to market changes and the initial product concept. Third ones never awaken the interest and needs of customers – and so they fail.

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Prize Game “Take a Bill and Win”

Municipalities of Plandište and Bela Crkva received 20,000 Euros checks as prize for their citizens who made a significant contribution to the suppression of the grey economy by sending fiscal accounts and slippers to provide their local self-governments with place among the top five in the winning game “Take a Bill and Win”.

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Unique fusion: Legacy of Empire and Pop Music

Text: Žikica Milošević

British culture is polyvalent and complex, with identities varying and interlacing. It is both deeply Celtic and Germanic, for the last 1500 years. Let us take one example. In Scotland there are three spoken languages. Three! Not two? No! Scottish Gaelic, English and Scots. And what on Earth is “Scots”, you may well ask. It is the earlier form of English used by the Scots even prior to the forming of the Union of the Crowns in 1606. The Scots then acquired the English language for the second time, this time the modern variation, with their own accent, of course. Complexity it is.

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