EU Deputy Heads of Mission Visit South East Serbia

The EU Deputy HOMs visited South East Serbia region from 14-15 June. Their first stop was Felix Romuliana, where the EU has funded the opening of the Multimedia Centre – one of the outcomes of the EU HERA Project “Sustainable Tourism Management of Adriatic HERitage” funded through IPA Adriatic cross-border cooperation programme.

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Simplicity is the king: And the easy life follows

Text: Žikica Milošević

The culture of the Netherlands is generally marked by their main characteristics, which are sobriety derived from Lutheran and Calvinist traditions, mercantile spirit, the spirit of exploration and cultural liberalism (giving asylum to virtually everyone who felt oppressed). Their tolerance was sometimes unusual when it comes to certain aspects of life, like the legalisation of certain habits and profession or practices, as well as same-sex marriages (at the time). But the culture of the Dutch is always a bit a step beyond.

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Cradle of Western Civilisation: In epicentre of world culture

By Žikica Milošević

OK, we could polemicise about Greece being the cradle of the Western civilization, and everybody who claims so is probably right. Alexander the Great disseminated Hellenic ideas further in the East which, back in the day, was not such a fertile ground for them. The ancient Romans, as the ancestors of the Italians, did just the opposite. They took Hellenic ideas only to the brink of the East, but most of them ended up in the West. They incorporated these ideas into the foundation of their civilisation, and raised them to a higher level organisation-wise.

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Jazz on the water

Jazz – it is that elusive freshness permeating the daily hustle and bustle and reaching straight to our hearts, touching our soul and bringing faith in tomorrow. It is the never-ending love which protects us from problems and hardship. It is thanks to Jazz, and its inexhaustible source of emotion, that our soul can discover freedom. So hurry up and use the opportunity to enjoy all love and jazz have to offer performed by the talented and sentimental Vasil Hadžimanov and Oleg Kireyev!

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