On 22nd July, the 9th rehabilitation summer Camp of Love and Hope, organized by the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR), was opened for children and young people from all over Serbia who completed their oncological treatment.

Michel Saint -Lot Šef kancelarije UNICEF-a u Srbiji: Dečija prava nezaobilazni deo DOP-a u Srbiji

Više nego ikada, moramo da prepoznamo činjenicu da je razvoj održiv jedino ako ga nastavljaju buduće generacije. Deca su jedan od glavnih aktera poslovnog sektora, kao potrošaci, članovi porodica zaposlenih, mladi radnici, i kao budući zaposleni i poslovni lideri. Istovremeno, … Continue reading

Prof.Jan Peeters Director of VBJK, Centre for Innovation in the Early Years, at Ghent University Belgium: More investments are needed in child initial training

Serbia significantly lags behind the EU countries when it comes to participation of children 4 to 6 in the early childhood education especially among vulnerable ones. Therefore, there is a need for a policy towards equal access for all children.  … Continue reading