Who are Serbian Erin Brockovich’s?

Editorial by ROBERT ČOBAN, Director

H.E. MICHAEL DAVENPORT: Negotiating to Leave the EU is No Easier than Negotiating to Join

The most recent European Commission report on Serbia’s accession highlights many of the same issues, especially…

DAVID McALLISTER, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee: We Will Continue to Support Serbia to Join the EU

Serbia has undertaken important economic reforms. Nevertheless, in some policy areas such as the reform of…

VLADIMIR ŽIVANOVIĆ, Director of Zlatibor Tourist Board: Ever-Growing Number of Tourists

We have come up with so many high-quality amenities on Zlatibor in the last few years…

NENAD DJORDJEVIĆ, Chairman of the Board of the Real Estate Cluster – THE MARKET IS AWAKENING

Cooperation with international real estate associations is crucial for attracting FDI in Serbian real estate market

ANDREA SOLINAS, The conductor of the Serbian National Theatre (SNT) Opera

I was fortunate to work with people who passionately love their job and showing that every…

Albanian Charm Offensive – Soft power via music


DUŠAN VEŠOVIĆ, Specialist in Occupational Medicine and Doctor of Integrative medicine – Our Goal is to Help Patients

Integrative approach in medicine does not cure illness, but it treats the body as a whole

Macron on Kalemegdan

A visit to Belgrade and the messages from Emmanuel Macron, on the day of the election…

ERICH COSSUTTA, President of Dragon Maritime Group: Let’s Make China Even Closer

Serbia could be a regional hub for the distribution of goods

BRANKICA STANKOVIĆ, Journalist – Freedom is Something that Belongs to us

It is very dangerous when a tabloid is leading the attack against a journalist or an…

DAMIR BORIĆ, President of Group of Real Estate Brokers at CCIS’s Trade Association – THE MARKET NEEDS TO BE FURTHER EDUCATED

The prognosis is that networking of real estate brokers to make bigger systems with the view…