SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMES: Ongoing at the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina

At the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, the fifth cycle of the Specialized Programme “Management of the Regional Development through EU Funds” has ended this month. However, the new sixth cycle is to start tomorrow, in which 44 new … Continue reading

MLADEN JOVANOVIĆ, Head of the National Decentralization Coalition: Centralization Kills, Doesn’t it?

Many unsuccessful countries suffer from centralization. Some of them are „remnants of larger states“ with capital cities that are former regional centres which have metastasized into “the head of an octopus“, like Budapest, Yerevan, Belgrade, Sofia and Skopje. Some have … Continue reading

Special recognition of the Serbia – Azerbaijan Friendship Society to Minister Shahin Mustafayev

At the 5th session of the Mixed Intergovernmental Committee for Economic Cooperation between Serbia and Azerbaijan, the political relations of the two countries were highly assessed and at the level of the strategic partnership. Serbia – Azerbaijan Friendship Society, whose … Continue reading