H.E. Tanju Bilgiç: Relations are Developing Every Segment

As a Balkan country, Turkey only wants peace, stability and prosperity for the region


Maja Gojković: Serbia Justified The Trust

We, as parliamentarians need to continuously search for responses and solutions to meet citizens’ needs, and to enhance transparency of our work in order to get closer to citizens

France proposes seven-step EU accession process

Western Balkan countries should become EU members, but that should happen through a new step-by-step process, France has proposed.


Dejan Šoškić: Serbia Has Low Performance of Domestic Private Investments

There is room to improve the volumes, and especially the efficiency of these investments. But Serbia has extremely low performance in terms of domestic private investments



Second Miele Kitchen Experience takes place

Miele Kitchen Experience / Interactive Cooking made it possible to socialize with the founder of the New Balkan Cuisine concept and a friend of the Miele brand, Chef Vanja Puškar.…


Martin Chungong: Opportune Moment To Encourage The Parliamentarians Of The World

This is the second time that Belgrade has hosted an IPU Assembly; the 52nd Assembly was held in Belgrade in 1963 so we are happy to be back. We are…

Gabriela Cuevas Barron: There Is No One-Sided Solution

I believe that parliaments need to adapt to new times