Тhe Gallery of Matica Srpska and Vojvođanska Banka in partnership

Signing the public-private partnership, the Gallery of Matica Serbian (GMS) and Vojvođanska Bank (VB), started the final phase of work on the renovation of façades of the national gallery.


The occasion was also attended by Minister of Culture and Information in the caretaker government of the Republic of Serbia, Ivan Tasovac. “The cooperation with GMS is certainly the first step in contributing to the Serbian museum scene.” – said the President of the Executive Board of Vojvođanska Banka, Marinos Vathis. “The funds that we received from the VB will be spent on renovating the entrance of the building and the installation of an external elevator for people with disabilities” – said Tijana Palkovljević-Bugarski from the GMS.

GMS_0161 GMS_0142 GMS_0145 GMS_0147 GMS_0151 GMS_0154

Text: Teodora Janković

Photo: Borislav Radanović

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