3 Banka – a new name for 20 years of trust

Opportunity Bank changes its business name and continues to operate under the name 3 Banka

Vladimir Vukotić, Chairman of the Executive Board

After last year’s change in the ownership structure, the bank’s management made a strategic decision to change the name of this financial institution, to support clients with difficult access to financing.


The name 3 Banka is unique, recognizable and implies three strategic goals of the bank: a positive impact on people, the planet and economic prosperity. The bank carries out its activities in a way that keeps all three goals in balance while accomplishing one goal must not jeopardize the other two. In addition to the new name, we have created a new logo, which, thanks to its simple geometric shapes and intertwined lines, represents a tree with three branches, i.e. the bank’s goals, and at the same time, reflects our commitment to sustainability and preservation of the natural environment“, said Vladimir Vukotić, Chairman of the Executive Board, on the occasion of the change of the bank’s name.


He added that the bank’s business policy remained the same and that the bank continues to focus on supporting clients who have limited access to lending. “We continue to support small businesses, farms and low-income citizens, and we are proud of the fact that as many as 45 per cent of our loan users are people who have had a difficult access to finance and who, according to the credit bureau, have never used loans before,” Mr Vukotić adds.


Last year, in addition to the microfinance network Opportunity international, UmweltBank and GLS bank from Germany became the bank’s owners together with Triodos Investment Management, the investment division of Triodos Bank from the Netherlands. All four major shareholders are members of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), an independent association of banks that has a common mission to encourage positive economic and social change, as well as environmental protection, through their financing.


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