3,525,000 dinars raised to help actors!

Voja Brajović, President of UDUS: Dring the epidemic, a writer can write at home, a painter can paint, but drama artists are extremely affected by this crisis. This noble action was primarily aimed at raising awareness of the problem

More than 200,000 people watched the humanitarian representative “Balkan Spy” (Balkanski špijun) in just one day, and by sharing the connection, 3,525,000 dinars were collected to help drama artists! The amount of donations grew with each share in the first 24 hours, due to the great interest in the spectacle prepared by the acting legend. This modern version of Dušan Kovačević’s “Spy” will be available on Mozzart’s channel and more than the originally planned 48 hours – you can watch a few more days!

An unprecedented line-up of “Balkan Spy”: Dragan Bjelogrlić, Mima Karadžić, Vesna Trivalić, Branka Katić and Gordan Kičić excelled in the first zoom play in Europe, and Zoran Kesić as a narrator brought more laughter in the action “Actors and Mozzart for you and actors ”. Everyone renounced their fees so that the amount of the donation would be even higher, and Voja Brajović, the president of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia, wanted to describe his impression in just two words:

– Well done and thank you!

But, the words flowed then …

– During the epidemic, a writer can write at home, a painter can paint, but drama artists are extremely affected by this crisis. This noble action was primarily aimed at raising awareness about the problem, so that people can recognize the vulnerability of contractors, who live to do their job, are currently prevented from doing so. So many thanks to Mozzart, who donated money from their funds, and to the actors who read “Spy” with joy.

Brajović is pleasantly surprised by how much Bjelogrlić and the whole team managed to convey emotion through zoom.

– At every moment, it was obvious that their souls were singing and that they were honored to participate in the action. Duško Kovačević told me that for the first time in 47 years he listen an integral text and he was delighted with the interpretation! Kesić also brought a lot of charm, the complete ansamble approached the whole project so conscientiously, not to mention their gift … It was obvious that they wanted to help with a lot of joy and send a message that our profession needs unity at this moment. Many thanks to everyone! My impression is that we can enjoy the show while traveling somewhere by car. It is enough for the audio itself to be played, because this is also an extraordinary radio drama – the president of UDUS concluded.

Thanks for every share! Watch the play directed by Nemanja Ćipranić and produced by Spotlight:


The first zoom show in Europe had a great echo outside the borders of our country.

– We were given to do a humanitarian action with our acting legends. Figures say that more than 200,000 people clicked on the link in just one day, and we got hundreds of photos showing whole families laughing and enjoying with “Spy” on Goddess, which means that the number of people who watched at least doubled. bigger. Comments came from Skopje, Sarajevo, Pula, Kotor, the Netherlands … Around the world, people enjoyed the masterful acting of Bjela, Vesna, Branka, Mime, Kičica … We are glad that many responded, shared representatives and that we sent on Christmas, a nice common message – to think about culture and that we need it at all times – said Borjan Popovic, director of corporate communications at Mozzart.

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