A new experience of Kopaonik

La Pista restaurant by Gorski Hotel&Spa

With its opening three years ago, Gorski Hotel&Spa brought new energy to Kopaonik. Energy so strong that the service and the concept of hospitality and hotel industry have been permanently raised to a higher level both at the destination and in the whole country.

Gorski has become synonymous with good taste, even better service and the best skiing experience. A place where you have to be. A combination of the comfort of the largest rooms on Kopaonik, the enchanting mountain interior, the top spa, the unpredictable magic of the tucked-in outdoor pool and the gastronomic magic that makes people come back.

After profiling themselves as a place with the best food, desserts and service, in Gorski, they decided to, according to the already well-known pattern, move the boundaries and bring a new experience, unprecedented on Kopaonik.

Therefore, this winter, the hotel opened an exclusive à la carte restaurant of Italian cuisine – La Pista. As its name suggests, the restaurant is located on the Malo jezero trail, within the hotel. The recognizable architecture and interior design allows guests to enjoy the exceptional view and atmosphere while enjoying a fine dining experience that has not existed before on Kopaonik.

The entire interior is made of carefully selected materials, just like Gorski Hotel&Spa. Natural wood will dominate all around you and spread the well-known smell of the mountain. Fireplace, dim lights, terrace, view of the snowy trails – idyllic, right?

The uniqueness of the restaurant is diverse. Perhaps the most important thing to start with is the fact that all food is prepared exclusively from Italian ingredients of the first category. Groceries are delivered exclusively for the needs of the restaurant directly from Italy. In addition to the most famous Italian food brands, which everyone expects in a restaurant like this, there are also groceries produced in small manufactories where the entire production is already reserved for La Pista. All this means only one thing – everything you order in La Pista will be an experience that is impossible to repeat elsewhere!

The restaurant operates in two regimes – daily and evening. Just as the guests of Kopaonik like the most, during the day everything is subordinated to skiing. Therefore, La Pista is an ideal place to gather for a short break from skiing. With pizzas, pastas, risottos or traditional cooked dishes from the Italian mountains, on the spacious terrace and in front of the trail, the experience will is complete.

In the evenings, La Pista will turn into an elegant, fine-dining place, with service and food that until now you could expect to taste only in the finest restaurants in Belgrade. An intimate and romantic atmosphere by the fireplace, complemented by a quiet live performance of jazz, blues and pop music will give you the pleasure of Italy, Kopaonik, the mountains and sophistication together.

The menu will be different from the daily one and provide an unusual experience of the table show: flambéing fish in salt crust with VSOP Cognac, steak that the Chef cuts in front of the guests and serves with Table grill, giving guests the opportunity to finish preparing their own meat, making pasta into a 32-month-old cheese roll, serving a dessert with a liquid nitrogen smoke show and many other experiences seen at the world’s best restaurants.

If your appetite has already increased and you are wondering how you will get to try all the dishes, La Pista thought of that as well. The unique concept of the chef’s experience menu will take you on a journey through the regions of Italy through six traces of mono portions. This way you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the best tastes. The variety of ingredients, preparation techniques in harmony with the wines that sommelier will pair for you, are going to take your breath away.

“Definitely, La Pista, just like Gorski Hotel&Spa, will raise the level of service, expectations and contribute to the development of Kopaonik as a destination”

Definitely, La Pista, just like Gorski Hotel&Spa, will raise the level of service, expectations and contribute to the development of Kopaonik as a destination, and provide each individual with an unforgettable experience that they will remember for a long time and to whom they will gladly return.

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