A really great offer of Sberbank cash and refinancing loans

An honest and professional relationship, a partnership between bank and client, is one of the basic parameters when choosing a bank.

Following the needs and desires of its clients, Sberbank has made every effort to create a really „super“ deal and to make the coming fall better and easier for its clients. If you want to travel somewhere, buy yourself a new car, renovate your kitchen or refinance your existing financial obligations, Sberbank’s really „super“ cash loan and refinancing loans offer the right solutions for you.

“This fall, Sberbank Serbia has made every effort to provide its clients with excellent conditions in order to quickly and easily obtain necessary funds or to refinance their existing liabilities. The maximum loan amount for which clients can apply is RSD 3,000,000, with a repayment period of up to 95 months, while all online clients will not be charged processing costs, ”said Mirjana Đorđević, Director of Product Development.

The really „super“ offer of Sberbank cash and refinancing loans will last until November 29, 2019. For a representative example and more information, visit the bank’s website at www.sberbank.rs.

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