Abdulaziz Abdeen, Director of Caro General Trading: Serbia Has a Lot of Quality Products

Just as Brazil is recognized for its football, we can help Serbia to be recognized for its products

Two years ago, the Voda Voda Company established cooperation with Kuwait-based company, Caro General Trading which distributes Serbian products in the Gulf states. Director of Caro General Trading, Abdulaziz Abdeen came to Serbia this past April and brought a donation for the Department of Neonatology of Niš hospital.
Why did you donate to Serbia?

— This is our first humanitarian campaign in Serbia and definitely not the last one. Mr Vojin Djordjevic, the Director of the Voda Voda Company, gave me this idea since he noticed that we were interested in doing humanitarian work and thus suggested that we donate to Niš hospital. We agreed to it and made this symbolic donation in Serbia. We are getting ready to donate much more. We are not doing this because we expect gratitude, but we rather consider it to be our duty.
How did your cooperation with Voda Voda come about? How well positioned is Voda Voda in your market?

— Initially, it was a small commercial deal which has grown into something much more than just a business. We did not expect this success and such a big demand in Kuwait and in other Gulf countries. Like any other  commercial process, we had to do an initial study, but over time, the results exceeded the projections in the study. We have managed to achieve success because Voda Voda is a strong, quality brand that has fantastic and attractive  packaging. When we saw just how well everything was developing, we established a strategic connection and strengthened the link between Serbia and Kuwait. From there, we began to branch out into humanitarian work. We always strive to achieve balance between our profit and our donations, which is how we got to cooperate with UNICEF.
Could you tell us more about the cooperation with UNICEF?

— Voda Voda has excellent cooperation with UNICEF and the suggestion for us to donate came from them. I would like to use this opportunity to urge all companies in Serbia to donate as much as they can so we can help as many people as possible. I was very affected by what I saw at the Institute for Premature Babies in Niš. If every company were to make a donation, we could save many children that currently need help.
What are your further plans? What are your experiences from doing business with Serbia and what kind of experiences did you bring from Kuwait?

— We have discovered that there are many products in Serbia that are of very good quality, that these products can be distributed globally in the near future, and that in order for this to happen, they have to be changed a little and for the Serbian government to assist in this. People from the Gulf states knew little or almost nothing about Serbia. Thanks to Voda Voda they are starting to discover things about Serbia. This is not just a commercial moment, but a cultural one that should be developing more and more. You are privileged for having high-quality products and with our help, we can present Serbia in a very good way worldwide. Just as Brazil is strong and recognized for its football, we can help Serbia to become recognized for its products. We want people to think of Serbia as a synonym for quality products.

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