Aleksandra Tanasić Yoga instructor: Yoga – the way of life and mind

YTMD help us cultivate good qualities within us and we can transform these moments to keep the natural essence of our beautiful being.

Incorporating the beauty of YTMD (Yoga Through My Day) into daily life and sharing it for all to benefit from, is something I enjoy most about yoga; say Aleksandra Tanasic who lives between New Zealand and Europe.

She believes that our body is just amazing, magical, incredible, mysteries peace of art. From birth to death our body is changing all the time. But that’s a true life. Sooner we embrace and surrender to the life, lighter we move through it. How we literally move its up to us. Yes, our bodies are made to move with all feelings, thoughts and energy we have and express through the only body we have.

We often promise ourselves we will do things at the end of the day or week – and other things happen instead. I believe that every exercise we do in the morning, or at the end of the day, is beneficial for us. However, what we also do during the rest of the day is even more crucial.

Our body is not made to be static for a long period of time, because of its the anatomy. This is something we can’t change. Often, feeling a pain in different parts of the body comes as a result of pushing it to an unnatural position. And that’s not beautiful. Practicing a beautiful posture and movements through the normal daily activities help us to establish a good habit, from which we gain benefits for the life time and we feel them natural.

Incorporating YTMD in our day reminds us how natural and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout our day, As a whole their effect is to give us the opportunity to nurture the flow of life’s power, beauty and joy.

YTMD guide us through three interrelated gifts :

Happy Rituals Become Habitual utilizes ‘mini yoga pauses”, throughout our day to free us from the highly static and sedimentary physicality of our everyday lives.

Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring demonstrate different ways of modifying natural postures to release our bodies’ natural grace, strength and energy while involved in

Breathing is Life Receiving techniques remind us that breath its literally right under our nose and its for free. It is important to know there is no right way to breathe, but it is a wrong habit which it is accepted as the norm.

All those gifts are already given to us. Im just trying to remind people through the workshop, retreat, regular yoga session in studio or skype yoga, how to wake them up and feel the beauty within them. To contact me for more information you can check my website

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