ALMILA ACAN KAHVECIOGLU, CEO Total Serbia d.o.o: Further Growth EXPECTED


Since its establishement in 2010, Total Serbia d.o.o significantly ex-panded its consumer base says Almila Acan Kahvecioglu, CEO.

Who are your key clients?

— Serbia is our home and a country where we set a solid foundation for improving our business in the region. Our operations started in 2010 and we are the only one among the biggest oil companies in the world that have a direct presence in Serbia. This able us to provide a direct support to our clients and answer all their questions, issues, and doubts they might have regard-ing Total’s products.

We can proudly say that the turnover more than doubled in this period in Serbia, as did the number of our employees. This only confirms that the decision to invest into Serbia was right from the very start. This growth has been achieved thanks to attentive listening to the needs of the end users, working constantly on the develop-ment of new and improvement of the ex-isting product lines that meet the highest European and world standards of quality.

Our efforts reap benefits as we have di-versified our product offer to the market, not only to automotive but also to agricul-ture, heavy duty vehicles, industrial lubri-cants and special fluids.

The Serbian economy and industry recognize the quality of our product and operation with the local economy to our
mutual satisfaction in Serbia and also in other countries of this region. Our overall business approach is to grow together with you and to contribute to the development of this market with high standard products.

Having a skilled local team, a global ex-pertise in product development and a local presence gives us the strength and capacity to grow together with this community and support our end users’ needs. We are very satisfied with our operations in Serbia and in the region. The biggest advantage of this market is its geographical position, qualified and highly skilled workforce, as well as the projected economic growth in the country.

Regarding the plans for the future, Total expects that the trend of development will continue in the coming years.

What challenges have you been facing in the Serbian market?

— Total is committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more inno-vative and accessible to as many people as possible. Our ambition within 20 coming years is to become the responsible energy major of the world. Our challenges are to meet the energy needs of raising world population and to contribute to limit the global warming, to limit the global temper-ature rise to 2°C. To do that, we produce and supply affordable energy for every-one, responsible energy with less carbon dioxide emission and we are near to our customers to answer their needs with quality local services.

It’s important for us to offer, in addition to the products, our services as well and be ready at all times to respond to all re-quests of our consumers, who are always a priority for us.

Our primary challenge in Serbian market was to get close to our clients quickly once the company established and to commu-nicate them that, by being the main im-porter of Total & Elf products in Serbia, we ensure the quality and the originality of by our customers as reliable partner.


Having a skilled local team, a global expertise in product development and a local presence gives us the strength and capacity to grow together with this community and support our end users’ needs

Two years ago, you launched a new line of Fuel Economy products. What results did the line achieve and what novelties are you preparing for us?

— More kilometers, more economy. More environmentally friendly, lower CO2 emis-sions. More protection, less wear… It is to meet the needs and requirements of busi-ness and private users wishing to improve the performance and lifespan of their ve-hicles while appreciably reducing fuel con-sumption, that TOTAL has created the Fuel 0W-30

Total is a front-ranking player in the field of Fuel Economy lubricant. In fact we have already been developing and marketing this type of lubricant for more than 15 years. Our customers, drivers using Fuel Economy lubricants, are our main partners in enironment protection and decreasing pollution. Backed by that strategy, Total Lubricant activity is now positioned as one of the wides range on the market and performance character-istics validated by manufacturers and by the TotalEco Solution Label.

Using TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants also means making a gesture for the envi-ronment. By improving the performance of your engine, FE lubricants also appreciably reduce fuel consumption.

What would happen if all of us would use Total Fuel Economy lubricants?

— About 160,000 tons of CO2 are saved each year with QUARTZ INEO ECS. These 160,000 tons represent the equivalent CO2 absorbed by 2,000 acres of French forests or 1,450 acres of Brazilian forest. We need to take care of the society we’re doing business in.

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