Almost 90% of payments on Visa cards at the Belgrade Beer Fest were contactless

Visa, world’s leading payment technology company, was for the third time one of the main partners of Belgrade Beer Fest, the most visited music-beer festival, which took place in Belgrade, from August 16th until August 19th. As a partner Visa was responsible for payment infrastructure to enable visitors to use digital payments as a more secure and convenient way to pay. This year the share of cashless payments was 34%. More than that 89% of transactions on Visa cards were contactless.

Visa has been working in Serbia for 35 years acting as a catalyst of positive transformation of the local commerce and consumer payment experience. In doing so we bring innovations to the market that help improve people’s day-to-day life, as well as the local economy.

Visa, with its mission to promote digital payments, sponsored other big cultural events, which promote the country’s image as a popular tourist destination by offering high cultural experience.

The Belgrade Beer Fest  lasted for four days and gathered more than 500 000 people, which is the data stated by the festival organizers.

‘Our sponsorship of the Belgrade Beer Festival is a valuable asset we use to drive awareness of digital payments among consumers in Serbia. This year our focus at this event was on promoting contactless payment technology as a more secure and convenient way to pay. The results we have are very positive and show that 89% of all transactions on Visa cards were contactless. This is an excellent example of how new technology finds its way in the minds of consumers. With almost every second transaction on Visa cards in Serbia being contactless we are optimistic about the prospects of this payment method and ready to support further proliferation of contactless payments in the country’, said Vladimir Djordjevic, Regional Manager for SEE, Visa.


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