Belgrade at the gastronomic world map: Exclusive hedonistic performance at the “Legat 1903” Restaurant

With a tradition of more than two centuries, “M. Chapoutier” Winery from Rhone, France, is one of few wineries whose many labels are rated with Robert Parker’s famous 100 points. Some of the most prominent wines offered by this wine cellar were presented with exclusive dishes of Bojan Lacmanović, master chef at the “Legat 1903” Restaurant.

As a crown of long-standing and successful cooperation with this French wine cellar, Wine Art opened and served wines offered in free sale and presented by Alexandre Sidorenko on behalf of “M. Chapoutier” Winery.
“Cristal Brut” was served with shrimp pralines, “Condrieu invitare” with lobsters, and 100 point-winning “Ermitage de l’Orée” with angler in oyster sauce.

The host of this extraordinary event, the distinctive, exclusive, sophisticated “Legat 1903” Restaurant, a synonym of paradise for hedonists, located only a few minutes from Belgrade downtown, was an ideal partner of the dinner which added Belgrade to the world map of relevant gastronomic events.

Jasenička 7
11000 Belgrade

+ 381 63 1903 003
+ 381 11 4146 321

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