Best of the 100 Greatest Awards

Organized by a project of the 100 largest in Serbia, the Hilton Hotel hosted a ceremonial sale that honored the best companies in terms of revenue, profits, staff, and exporters.

At the ceremony, which brought together representatives of more than 220 companies from Serbia, civil servants, ambassadors, the most eminent representatives of the local economy, art, media, were awarded the following companies: NIS, Serbian Electric Power Company, DIPOS, Porsche Belgrade, Gradina, DIS, MOL, IMLEK , Meat Industry Matijevic, Clover Serbia, Krupnik, GIM, Nelt, Knez Petrol, AURA, Coopservice, Gigatron, Matis, Nissan Serbia, Lovo Traffic, Don Don, DTD Fisheries, Agropromet.


The “100 largest” was first realized in Serbia in partnership with Addic Bank this year, under the slogan “Many opportunities, share success”, which is recognized as an example of successful business and an active participant in creating better conditions and business climate in the local market.

Of the 434,990 active companies currently in Serbia, the balance for 2018 was 108, 083 companies and is one of our top 100 largest companies. 1,186 unique manufacturers met the criteria for this project in 16 categories and 15 industries. Apart from revenue, profit, the number of employees and exporters, companies are divided by size: large, medium, micro and small.

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