“Both in the past and now, Neoplanta is Novi Sad” prize contest – Create the winning logo and win EUR 3,000!

Neoplanta has decided to change its visual identity and thus additionally strengthen its bond with the city of Novi Sad, whose Latin name it bears. Namely, the populated area on the left bank of the Danube river got Neoplanta as the first official name in 1748, when Queen Maria Theresa granted it with the status of a free royal city. All the peoples who inhabited it since then translated the name to their languages, with Serbs naming it Novi Sad.

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Opportunity for all designers in Serbia

The slow-paced lifestyle of Vojvodina, its wide plain, people enjoying life, as well as respecting tradition, all-time values, culture developed in all segments of activities are the reasons why Neoplanta decided to call the prize contest for designing a creative solution – logo, providing designers from across Serbia with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and authenticity and win EUR 3,000. All adult citizens, designers from agencies, university students, beginners, all imaginative creative individuals who will understand and in the most creative manner present the values promoted by the company are eligible to apply.

Source: Neoplanta

The prize contest, open from 01/03 until 05/04/2021, is organised at Neoplanta website. All the rules and guidelines for designing a creative solution – logo can be found there. Participants can send their visual solutions to the organiser’s email address.

After the completion of the contest on April 05 at midnight, a three-member selection jury (representatives of Neoplanta, City of Novi Sad and Faculty of Applied Arts in Novi Sad) will decide on the winner, whose name will be announced on 29/04/2021 at http://www.neoplanta.rs/news.

It is important to note that a participant needs to be an adult, applying with a maximum of 3 creative solutions. Therefore, dear creative people, read the contest terms, think and make your winning solution, because you are only a month away from a potential victory.

Good luck!

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