Closing of Dejan Jović’s Exhibition

In the gallery of the Belgrade fortress the exhibition of drawings and sculptures by sculptor Dejan Jović is now open.  The motif of the exhibition is the head, presented a portrait of the “inside” that departs from Portrait and enters the general archaic anaconic field.

Dejan 9461

The works fit well into the rustic, fresh ambiant of the Gallery, which is imbued with the spirit of the past. The exhibition was opened by the musical “Two-way ticket to Bosphorus” performs music from the Balkans to the Bosporus, on the traditional instruments . The band consists of Vladimir Simić, on lute and Goran Milošević with his percussion.

The same band will “take the train to the home station” at Stambol Gate at Kalemegdan on Saturday 2nd July at 6PM. One-hour music programme will end this journey and Exhibition will close.

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