COCA-COLA: Replenishes water used in own global production

In collaboration with partner bottling facilities, the company has managed to accomplish its goal of returing water to nature five years before the deadline.

The Coca-Cola Company is the first of the Fortune 500 companies to have replenished all the water it used in its own production taken from nature and local communities, i.e. around 337.7 billion replenished litres in 2015. This information was officially released in the World Water Week in Stockholm and the company is proud to say that it has managed to accomplish its goal of returing water to nature five years before the 2020 deadline in cooperation with its partner bottling facilities.

The water is replenished via 248 community partnership projects in around 2,000 communities in 71 countries. Coca-Cola has returned the equivalent of 115 per cent of the water used in last year’s drinks which is around 191.9 billion litres of water.



Coca-Cola system in Serbia has contributed towards this goal thanks to its project of restoring wetland habitats in the Upper Danube region which the company has been implementing in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The project began in 2011 and, in 2014, Coca-Cola and the WWF continued working on it through new seven-year-partnership in restoring wetlands and flooded areas along the Danube, in six European countries including Serbia.

It was also announced in Stockholm that Coca-Cola reached its water efficiency goal with a 12% improvement since 2010 or 27% in 2014 when the progress monitoring in the entire company started.

Coca-Cola also says that the fact that they had managed to replenish the water by 2020 motivates the company even more to maintain the same direction and thus explore the next steps in improving both the water-related programmes and the results.

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