Competition for the most beautiful job published in Serbia

The competition for the most beautiful job in Serbia was opened on and runs until April 23 at midnight. The winner in this competition will be given the opportunity to travel to Serbia for three months, will have a monthly salary of 1,000 euros and paid expenses, and his only obligation will be to report on travels via social networks.

This unique contest will enable the selected candidate to visit more than 200 tourist destinations, enjoy the views of the most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia, visit the most important historical sites, sail to the rivers, dress in adrenaline activities, spas in the most famous spas, enjoy the best gastronomic specialties, participate in some of the most famous manifestations in Serbia, he is introduced to the different customs, traditions and culture of many peoples living in our country.

“The most beautiful job in Serbia lasts from May 25 to August 25,” said Serbian Adventures. “We have launched this campaign with the desire to promote the tourist offer of Serbia, a competition that has not been published so far in our country. We are convinced that Serbia has something to offer to domestic and foreign tourists and that this opportunity is not sufficiently exploited. This is our contribution to the presentation of natural, cultural and historical beauties, and full support has been given to us by numerous tour operators around the various parts of our country whose tours can be booked online via our site.

In order to apply for a competition for the most beautiful job in Serbia, it is important that a person is a citizen of Serbia, who likes to travel and socialize and knows how to attract attractive and interesting reports on all social networks. Application for the competition is only available online, at

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