Is it difficult to find a job in Serbia, or is it harder to find workers, why will we have to import labour? What brings us dual education: the experience of a developed Germany, or the creation of new slave-workers? Why do we advertise Employment Branding – as a fad, or as a necessity to attract quality employees? These are some of the topics that the HRM 2018 Congress (Human Resources Management) will be launched for February 23 at the Zira Hotel in Belgrade.

Announced as a central event in the area of ​​human resources management in Serbia, HRM Congress will bring together the top 20 HR directors in our country and 200 top HR professionals. With the announced speakers from the HR sector of the leading companies, the HRM Congress will also have 4 panels, dedicated to the relationship between trade unions and the employer, the labour market, Employment Branding and dual education.

“The HRM congress will open up a burning topic in the HR field without any buzz” said Bojan
Šćepanović, director of the Management Centre of Belgrade, the organizer of the Congress. “For that reason, I expect to get a realistic answer as to whether Serbia will have to import workers in 2019 and whether dual education is a salvation for the Serbian worker, or the creation of an even greater dependency. There is a paradox around the labour force in Serbia; we have high general unemployment from 10% to 15%, and on the other hand in micro-locations such as Ruma, Subotica, Inđija and the like, unemployment is 0%. You cannot find any ordinary worker-machine operator in these areas. A company from Subotica has taken bus workers from Sombor who are 50 kilometers away every day!”


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