Construction site for state-of-the-art logistics center of KLP in Šimanovci to open

The construction site for the state-of-the-art logistics center of KLP opens tomorrow (May 16, 2019) in the Industrial Zone in Šimanovci.

The ceremony of the opening of the construction site-facility KLP I, which is under construction, is the presentation of the project of the most modern logistics center in Serbia, which is being built in line with the highest quality standards. It will be used for own purposes and for renting space to future clients that need logistics services.

The facility will be divisible into 9 modules, which means that it can be rented to more clients along with office features.

With its location requirements and the quality of construction, the KLP complex is an A-class modern industrial facility.

KLP I will be built in July 2019.

Also, at the ceremony on Thursday, May 16, 2019, the foundation stone will be laid for another facility within the complex – KLP II, of the same purpose and located right next to KLP I. By the end of 2019, the construction of the third facility – KLP III should begin as well. Its purpose will be multifunctional cooling plants and ADR.

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