What is the impact of interior design on our concentration and maximization at work?

Numerous scientific research were conducted on the topic of encouraging the creativity of employees. All these research have something in common – they showed that respondents who stayed in bright offices full of colours and with comfortable chairs produced much better results than those surrounded by outdated and uninspiring furniture. By changing the perspective both in life and interior design, we significantly change our behaviour and attitude towards work. Just as a simple detail can completely change the appearance of an everyday item of clothing, some furniture pieces can give a touch of elegance and uniqueness to boring space. There are countless interior design ideas and finding the right way to implement them is the only task.

Whether we are speaking about small or large spaces, Delight office solution offers a large number of ideas conceptual solutions. A wide range of colours and specially designed furniture that arouses the dormant creativity of employees is available to all those who want to make their business space more inspiring and comfortable. Since the first impression is very important, especially in the world of business, Delight office solution came up with an innovative solution called Media Scape Lounge, which offers an alternative to the traditional elements of a waiting room. This is a seating concept of modern and unusual design that fits into every space by increasing the degree of its utilization. In addition to allowing people to move and integrate, it also supports different body positions, encourages teamwork and increases productivity. Apart from this unusual and futuristic solution, the offer includes standard elements such as two-seat sofas, three-seat sofas, various types of tables and chairs, tabourets, but also rugs and lighting that can even make the entrance to any company very modern and pleasing to the eye.

If you are planning your own or work environment of your employees, you should have in mind that creativity and proper furnishing of office space is one of the main prerequisites for creating good atmosphere and employee motivation.

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