Creative team of Viasat World Group received three prestigious awards at Eyes & Ears Awards

The leading international media company, Viasat World, received three prestigious awards at the 20th international award Eyes & Ears Awards – which recognizes outstanding achievements in design, promotion, digital and cross-media campaigns. At the ceremony held in Munich, Viasat World was awarded the first prize in the ‘Best Design in Print or Poster Advertising’ category for the campaign that supported the documentary series The Story of Europe (Viasat History). The creative team of the European Prizes Award was awarded the second prize for the category ‘Best Program Spot: Cultural and Documentary Program’, and also the second prize for the identification of the Epic Drama Channel in the ‘Best 2D / 3D Animation’ section.

Foto: Jan Knoff, Cologne

Paul Evans, the creative team leader of the Viasat World Group, oversees the team behind the winning campaign and on this occasion said: “We are delighted to have won three awards at the Eyes & Ears Awards, which complement the two last year’s awards. This is a confirmation of the extraordinary creative content that we produce in a very competitive environment. We pride ourselves on being one of the best teams in the industry with prominent creative campaigns, which are constantly striving to raise the quality level. The high recognition in these three categories indicates commitment to bringing our brands and content closer to the audience. ”

In collaboration with the production company Founded, the Creative Team of the Viasat World Group knew that for the launch of the Story of Europe, the epic series on the Millennium of Human History in Europe, the Viasat History channel required an attractive, cinematographic and mind-challenging approach. From the starting point that Europe is more a collection of ideas than I am a continent, the team has developed a concept of research into two conflicting themes through different figures from European history, which were combined in a unique and unexpected way using “kinugu” – the old Japanese art of restoring ceramics. The “Eye and Ears” jury described the “Found Studio” study as “very impressive, mind-challenging and modern”, and the studio made it live in his spot through incredible animation to which “Echoic” gave a special sound design.

The short identification chart of Epic Drama, which won the second prize in the category “Best 2D / 3D Animation”, is also the idea of ​​the Viasat World’s domestic creative team with the production support of the design and film studio “Weareseventeen”. The team wanted the audience to see on the new channel how the drama became epic, and identification images had to overcome a pure visual display to be at the heart of the brand, while narration was crucial in the design process. A detailed and picturesque 3D animation, through a rich texture interwoven with inserts of uncomplicated scenes, leads the audience to an interesting trip and allows viewers to make their own connections and create their own story. Recording is not limited to a single period of time – it invigorates the general dramatic mood through composition, music and sound design – and goes from the darker, thoughtful nature of the war to the tense mysteries of crime and the delicate romance of romance.

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