Danube Captain dr sci. med. Christos Alexopoulos


For the seventh time in a row, Novi Sad has brought together leaders from the business, politics, diplomacy, science, culture and media from the 14 countries of Podunavlje. The basic task of the Forum is apart from the affirmation of the Danube Strategy, the visibility of the achieved results and the improvement of cooperation in all fields of economic and social creativity.

On the second day of the forum in the ceremonial hall of the Republic of Vojvodina, in the framework of the discussion on the topic of Medicine and Pharmacy on the same task, distinguished figures in the field of medicine were honored for accomplished achievements.

The Charter Danube Captain was awarded to the Dr. Sci.med. Christos Alexopoulos, director of the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija, Dr. Zlatibor Lončar, the Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Dr. Berislav Vekić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.

At the opening of the meeting, Assistant Secretary of State for Health Dr Snežana Bojanić, besides the announcement of the reconstruction of the Provincial Secretariat for Health in the Region, opened the topics of human resources and birth rate.

Dr sci. med. Christos Alexopoulos, director of the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija, presented five key points of the institution that he is managing, pointing out that College in Cuprija is the only school in Serbia that has formed a center for preventive medical and dental examinations of students, as well as to educate personnel according to European directives.

“In order to better integrate into European flows, we are beginning to implement European directives, contributing to some extent that Serbia does not postpone accession to the European Union, as was the case with Greece,” Alexopoulos said.-

“We also support the Ministry of Education project encouraging Greek students to return to Serbia and to motivate citizens of other countries to get educated in Serbia as it used to be.”

“One of the most important changes in education at this time is the implementation of the digitization process. At the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija we have provided the necessary equipment such as multimedia classroom, server room, optical cable and the like so that students can master the IZIS program, which is used in hospitals and other health institutions.

The contribution of the College in Cuprija to an increase in birthrate has been expressed in the past year through the release of tuition fees for students from families with four or more children, reduction of tuition fees for socially disadvantaged students as well as children from foster families, and the contract with the Army Of the Republic of Serbia according to which the children of fallen soldiers and members of the RS Army have right to free education.

The Danube Business Forum as a new communication model has been accepted by the European Commission, through the participation of its proven staff, such as: Kurt Pushinger, in charge of strengthening institutional capacities, Dr. Hans Peter Herdlic, promoter of competitiveness and sustainable development, Franc Šausberger, Director of the Institute of European Regions Salzburg, which is also the official partner of the Forum.

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