David Zappe, marketing director, Heineken Slovakia – The authenticity of the secret witness testimony quality!

The festival KAKTUS 2016 Zappe will speak on the topic – Let’s tell stories RETRO! What can participants expect?
During the lecture at the Festival KAKTUS 2016 he will deal with a kind of background research of emotional waves of nostalgia that is woven into individual campaigns and communication brands. Also, in the context of case studies, he will present a show and how it is possible to establish a sustainable business using the power of retro approach.

David Zappe

What is the secret testimony of high-quality story? What is, in your opinion, good storytelling?
It’s definitely authentic. You can not tell a credible and intriguing story without strong and original foundations. Today, more than ever before one can easily see if the story lacks authenticity. And when we talk about the narrative of these stories, in my experience, if the proposal is good storytelling suddenly becomes very easy.

Where brands can find stories that will be sorted out over the competition?
Everywhere. The witness must be rooted in the fundamentals of the brand and it must be true. Your competition has had a 200-year history, and your brand is only five? Then let your key message is that you are new and “fresh”.

Can you give two examples of high-quality integrated storytelling campaigns. Why is, in your opinion, this campaign pointed out in relation to the other?
Only a few brands are able to offer new ideas that can communicate across all channels and geographically segmented markets. These are brands with a very strong idea of ​​what the brand really is, then you can easily follow the new aspect of this story that is added from year to year, from campaigns. Take the example of Nike – so many years later, the idea of ​​the brand causing maximum creativity that inspires generations of people – both clients and agencies that work campaign.

Consumers today are increasingly demanding and expect interactivity with the brand. How to achieve that, and always be up-and different from the competition?
The bad news is that, unfortunately, it is a battle you cannot win only by communication. Every part of your proposal must fit, otherwise they will crucify you. This was also good news for everyone – you have to create something meaningful and offer to the market in a relevant way. Being under constant surveillance forces us to create things that are really important and it is good for all on the market.

What are the ideas that you survive?
These are just ideas that give a new angle to basic human needs.

Lecture by David Zappa open the second Festival of integrated communications KAKTUS 2016, which will be held on 27 and 28 October at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade.

More information can be found at www.kaktus.rs

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