Deka Inženjering as a leader on the real estate map

As an added value, Deka Inženjering provides its clients with an authentic approach to design, which is best reflected in the A Blok and Novi Dorćol residential and business complexes in Belgrade.

In early 2020, the construction sector recorded the highest growth according to all economic indicators. Following the onset of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, which changed the economic picture on a global level, looking at Serbia we can see that the pandemic did not significantly weaken the real estate market. But year-on-year, we can see that the market has been profiled in the direction that buyers have become more demanding and that they primarily buy apartments from renowned real estate developers. Deka Inženjering’s experience so far shows that quality, reliability and responsibility are a winning combination that creates trust among clients.



In recent decades, Novi Beograd got a complete makeover – from being called a residential beehive, it has now become the business centre of the capital. The residential and business complex A Blok has become one of the most important catalysts for this change. Following the construction of this complex, Novi Beograd positioned itself on the domestic and international business map.


Created as an architectural and structural complex, every detail of the A Blok project has been carefully chosen – from strikingly beautiful, mild cascades to premium energy-efficient materials of the latest generations and state-of-the-art housing units. Green areas that are located around the entire residential and business complex, as well as among the buildings, span about 9,000 square metres. Spacious entrance halls with 24/7 security, closed green yard on the first-floor plateau, a two-level underground garage with 30 chargers for electric vehicles, have rounded off the final phase of construction of A Blok, making it the most prestigious place for comfortable urban living.

“The fusion of the best construction tradition with modern trends, but also a continuous focus on the customer, are the main pillars of the development of Deka inženjering, which makes the company a leader in its segment”

Following the fourth and final phase in the construction of A Blok, Novi Beograd has become richer for the new, contemporarily designed residential and commercial building, which differs in appearance from the previous three phases, while its structural facade, in addition to a different visual impression, ensures a large amount of daylight in residential units. Business apartments, as one of the forms of residential real estate offered in the A Blok complex, meet the requirements for both comfortable living and business activities, while providing additional benefits for their tenants such as an independent and energy-efficient heating system with energy savings of over 60% compared to standard split systems. Additionally, the apartments are equipped with a special sprinkler system that is activated in case of fire. Dušica Gaković, project director at Deka Inženjering, tells us more about the financial benefits available to buyers when purchasing business apartments: “One of the most significant advantages of buying a business apartment is that legal entities have the right to a one-time VAT refund of 20 per cent,” says Ms Gaković and adds: “As an additional benefit for companies or firms that want to get their own business space, we provide purchase through mortgage or leasing with a 20 per cent downpayment, while the rest of the value of the business apartment can be paid in instalments over the next seven to ten years.”

As Deka Inženjering is a pioneer in this field of business, buyers are offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the future property from the comfort of their home via a smart device or computer, i.e. through virtual 3D tours of business apartments. Through interactive points, potential customers can obtain additional information about the materials used in construction and their technical characteristics, such as Schueco aluminium profiles of the latest generation, high-performance materials used for glazing, Sto Ventec system with top quality finishing paint, as well as the top-notch Fundermax materials. Carefully selected doors, parquet floor, ceramic tiles and stone, as well as bathroom equipment are just some of the interior elements that are crucial in constructing premium quality housing.


As an example of a project that has been modelled after the biggest cities in the world, such as New York and London, Novi Dorćol offers a unique architectural concept, which also reflects the inspiration and creativity of the urban part of Belgrade.

At the very beginning of the construction of the A Blok residential and business complex, the Deka Inženjering Company recognized the market demand and based on that devised its direction and development. Thus, a new project was created, Novi Dorćol, which is being built on 2 hectares of land, spanning over 100,000 square metres and providing future tenants with real comfort in an urban oasis. While designing the Novi Dorćol project, the focus was on this residential and business complex, with its modernity and functionality, meeting the numerous requirements and challenges faced by people living in Belgrade downtown. The buildings are surrounded by more than 4,000sqm of green space, and the complex will have over 700 parking spaces in a two-storey garage. The buildings of Novi Dorćol follow the modern form and design. They are positioned to provide a comfortable distance from the neighbours and maximum amount of daylight in the apartments, which is more than challenging for a new building in the city centre that is usually cramped for space.

Deka Inženjering’s experience so far shows that quality, reliability and responsibility are a winning combination that creates customer trust”

Over 500 modern and comfortable housing units, which are structurally divided into different apartment sizes, are the right space for a modern family or an individual. The ground floor contains a modern swimming pool and spa, while parking is provided on the underground floors. All apartments in Novi Dorćol will have a smart home system that will control all functions in the apartments in a very easy and comfortable way while saving energy. The first phase of construction of the complex includes six residential segments with apartments of different sizes and shops of different purposes on the ground floor of the buildings.


The plan is for the first apartments in the Novi Dorćol complex to be ready for moving in during July 2021.


“For future buyers to get the desired apartment in the Novi Dorćol complex as easily and quickly as possible, we have created an unusual offer in cooperation with Direct Bank regarding obtaining a mortgage during the construction phase, which means that buyers can take out a mortgage at a very affordable interest rate” said Dušica Gaković, project director at Deka Inženjering, adding: “As for the business premises, if customers do not have enough start-up capital to pay in full, they can purchase with a help of a loan or lease. The downpayment is 20 per cent of the value of the business premise while the rest is usually paid within 7 years (if it is a loan) and 10 years (if it is a lease).

Novi Dorćol has an abundant cultural and historical heritage. The First Royal Company for Hem and Cotton Processing Aleksa Obradović was built in 1897 in the location of the Novi Dorćol complex, as this part of the town was the centre of the textile industry of the Kingdom of Serbia. After the Second World War, the elevator factory David Pajić Daka was located here. The goal of Deka Inženjering was to preserve the historical elements of the buildings from the late 19th and the early 20th century and integrate them architecturally into a modern complex by building a real urban state-of-the-art compound.


A fusion of old and new


The Deka Inženjering Company was founded to construct new residential and business complex A Blok in Novi Beograd. Since then, the company has been recognized as a real estate developer that offers its clients facilities built with top materials, modern construction and top-notch finishing touches. Today, this company is engaged in constructing Novi Dorćol, a residential and business complex that reflects the inspiration and creativity of the urban part of Belgrade with a unique architectural and structural concept, while presenting a unique blend of historical elements harmoniously incorporated into the modern design of this part of the city.

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