Our water polo representatives and promoters of UNIQA insurance Andrija Prlainović, Milan Aleksić and Dušan Mandić presented a check in the amount of 250,000 dinars to the Children’s Home in front of this company. The donation will be redirected to the development of education programs, which, with the provision of shelter, meals, clothing, health care and many other forms of support, this institution seeks to improve the quality of life of children living or working on the street.

In addition to the money donation, the dolphins welcomed the inmates for children aged 5 to 15 years old to new year’s packages, which were collected by employees of UNIQA Insurance.

“Holidays are a time of empathy, humanity and giving. Then all of us, and especially those youngest and most vulnerable, want joy, love and peace. We must not forget that in this period, the Children’s Home is the only safe haven for hundreds of kids working and living on the street. This is a place where we can prevent and reduce the negative consequences of the way in which these children are forced to get involved in the education and health system, and create conditions for their happier growth, “said our famous water polo player Andrija Prlainović.

Prlainović added that he and his teammates are very grateful to UNIQA insurance for the opportunity to participate and support the work of the Children’s Home, as well as employees who have been able to collect sweets, books, clothes and toys for the youngest.

“We believe that every child has the potential for big things, and that it is our duty for adults to provide them with conditions in which they will be able to achieve it. Males from the Shelter are exposed to multiple risks every day. That is why they need even more attention, more love and care, and a solid support, so that they can break the cycle of poverty, life and street work. We hope that our donation will strengthen the capacities of the Children’s Home and will help develop the key program for the benefit of their early pupils, “said Sonja Marić, director of the Marketing and Corporate Communications Division of UNIQA Insurance.

She added that the world remains on the generations that come and that, therefore, investing in the happy growth of our youngest and creating conditions in which they can realize full potential, is actually an investment in a better future for each of us and one of the key directions of socially responsible business of UNIQA Insurance .

Mina Lukić, coordinator of the Children’s Home Office, pointed out that the Invalids are located in two locations in Belgrade, and during the winter, about 80 boys and girls visit the daily level. This number varies from day to day and depends on weather conditions and time of year.

“The support of UNIQA insurance is very important to us and we are happy that our partners recognize the importance of the services of the Invalidation and its importance to children. I would especially like to express my gratitude to the promoters of this company Andrija Prlainovic, Milan Aleksic and Dusan Mandic, as well as the employees who took part in the action, “said Lukiceva.

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