Dinar Cash Loan with insurance up to 3 million dinars with lower interest rate and repayment period in line with clients’ needs

September is a month that due to the start of the school year, requiring an extra expense, while during the summer many of us have spent much more than planned.

Thus, UniCredit Bank has significantly decreased nominal fixed and variable interest rates, which now start at 7.90% and effective, starting at 9.45% depending on the repayment period. Due to the simplified procedure, clients can expect their money into the account within 24 hours of submitting the documentation.

But how can clients be sure that they have chosen an interest rate or repayment period that fully meets their wishes and needs? The real advice is worth like gold and that is why UniCredit Bank further emphasizes, through direct communication with clients and various promotional materials, how important it is for clients to choose the optimal repayment period, depending on the purpose of the loan. For example, the optimal loan term for the purchase of equipment is up to 3 years, for the purchase of motor vehicles up to 5 years, and for furniture and furnishing of the apartment, the deadline can be up to a maximum period of 8 years.

UniCredit Bank’s dinars cash loan is approved to all existing and new employed clients, without down payment or deposit, and can be used for refinancing of obligations. An additional benefit is the insurance, valid throughout the entire repayment period which covers a wide range of risks, including job loss.

For what would you use cash in September?

Visit web site of UniCredit Bank at https://www.unicreditbank.rs/rs/pi/kredit/kes.html.



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