Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia organized a lecture on the occasion of the Month of Francophonie

On the occasion of the Month of Francophonie in 2019 and in cooperation with the University of Belgrade, the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Belgrade organized a lecture on the history of Tunisian woman entitled “From Phoenician Heritage to Francophone Heritage: The Tunisian Woman, A Memorable Story” held by a professor from Tunis Hind Soudani at Frankofon Center – at the University Library “Svetozar Markovic”.

Phd holder in French language and literature Hind Soudani, Hind Soudani teaches French, translation and linguistics at the University of la Manouba, Tunisia.

Member of the Tunisian Association of semiotics, she also takes actively part in the dynamic of Tunisian cultural and intellectual life. It has been part of several editions of the organizing committee of the cultural activities of the international book fair of Tunisia, responsible for coordinating and presenting meetings with French-speaking authors and intellectuals, both at the national level and at the national level. International since it has, among other things, is part of the team loaded in 2016 to represent Tunisia at the Geneva book fair.

Influenced by his mother Jamila Mejri, pioneer in the field of communication and culture, professor Hind Soudani exhibited, for the first time in Serbia, the different stations marking the advance of Tunisia in the emancipation of the woman who have culminated at the selection of Tunis as the international capital for gender equality in 2019.

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