EPS – leader regarding operating revenues and profit

Successful business operation of the largest power company

Electric Power Industry of Serbia with the operating revenue of almost 2.6 billion euros in 2020 is on the eighth place on the top 100 list of the most successful enterprises in the South East Europe: “TOP 100 SEE”. At the same time, EPS is the best ranked Serbian company on the prestigious list which a prominent international business platform of SeeNews publishes every year. In the Business Register Agency report named “Hundred most… companies in 2020”, EPS occupies the first place both regarding the revenues and profit.

  • That large power system had net profit of 12.88 billion dinars in 2020, which is 3.5 times higher than the profit in 2019. Significant increase in profitability is the consequence of better results in all segments of business operations, and particularly in the part of core activity, since the increase of business activity volume of 1.1 percent is followed by rationalization in performing energy activities. EPS also had the highest operational revenues of 282.73 billion dinars – highlights BRA. – Serbian economy succeeded, despite difficulties caused by corona virus pandemic, to maintain during 2020 the business activities volume achieved in the previous year and to have positive net result by one fifth higher than it had been in 2019.

As far as revenues are concerned, EPS left behind the following companies: NIS, Delhaize Serbia, Tigar Tyres and Telekom Srbija. As for the profit, EPS is followed by Tigar Tyres with growth of net profit by 2.1 percent on an annual level, up to 9.21 billion dinars, and the third place is awarded to Telenor with net profit of 8.4 billion, by 20.2 percent lower than a year ago, while the first top five is closed by Zidjin, their profitability increased 2.6 times compared to the previous year to 8.4 billion, and then Coca-Cola with net profit increased by 55.6 percent to 5.66 billion dinars.

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