Exceptional traffic growth confirms this year too very successful business of dm drogerie markt in Serbia

With a record turnover of 10.9 billion RSD and an increase of 29.3 percent, the companies dm drugstore markt concluded the 2017/18 business year in Serbia as a result of successful and responsible business, 14 years on the Serbian market. As of September 30, 2018 dm drogerie markt operates with a sales network, which consists of 91 sales facilities in 25 cities across Serbia and with over 850 employees.

In addition to 10 new openings, dm has rearranged and modernized 8 existing facilities, enabling customers to enjoy even more affordable shopping. Thus, investments in equipment and modernization amounted to RSD 660 million. The extraordinary traffic growth required a higher storage capacity, so the company’s distribution center expanded to almost 11,500 m2.

dm drogerie markt in Europe recorded a record turnover of 10.7 billion euros, with a growth of 4.3% compared to the previous business year, which proved to be the leading drug chain in the European market. The dm drogerie markt currently operates in 13 European countries, with a network of over 3,500 retail outlets and over 61,000 employees.

“In the previous year, we have been working intensively on innovating our products and services, as well as introducing new brands. Determination and commitment to the local market resulted in over 12 million purchases made in the past business year, which confirms the trust that we have gained from our customers. In the forthcoming period, the dm drug store in Serbia will continue to invest dynamically in opening new and modernizing the existing infrastructure, and a number of initiatives to support the community are also in the pipeline, “said Alexandra Olivera Korichi, director of the drugstore dermatology marker of Serbia and Macedonia.

The company is particularly proud of the continuous support it provides for women. This is supported by the fact that 80% of employees are women, as well as the fact that over 80% of women are in the company’s managerial staff. In addition, the director of the dm drug store markt adds that 45 newborn babies have a special joy in the past year.

With an assortment of about 14,000 products, of which more than 1000 were produced in Serbia, the dm drugstore brand is valid as a place of buying everything in one place, from the segment of beauty, natural cosmetics, organic food, as well as personal hygiene, household products and baby care cheap prices. In addition, dm offers the largest selection of private brands in the Serbian market, with about 4000 products. Well-known dm brands, Balea, alverde, dmBio, babylove or Sundance, have an indispensable quality in all 13 countries in which the company operates. dmBio is a brand with the widest range of organic food in Serbia with over 400 products. In addition to further development of private label brands, additional focus is products created in collaboration with bloggers and influencers, as well as brands available exclusively in dm drugstores.

In addition, the dm drogerie markt has proven to be a highly desirable employer that provides its employees with strong support, market attractive earnings and a host of additional benefits – two additional earnings during the year, free health checks, as well as free German courses. Caring for people, their individual and professional development is one of the company’s primary goals, and in the course of 2017/18. During the business year, over 60% of employees attended over 40 different seminars and trainings. In this PG, the project was implemented for the first time by the Health Ambassadors for the employees of the branch offices and the Distribution Center, with the aim of preserving and protecting the spinal column when performing a physically demanding job, supporting and counseling the employees on the conduct of a healthy life.

As the initiator of the introduction of dual education in Serbia, in addition to 27 students who have been practicing in drugstores throughout Serbia, since September 2018, the company has supported the introduction of this model of education in the Logistics sector.
This year, the employees had the opportunity to be part of the pilot project of the Academy of Drama, where through online and present teaching, they acquired the certificates of drug users who have the necessary trade and profiled expertise in order to be as competent and professional as possible to the customers.
In the past business year, the company dm drogerie markt donated over 4.5 million RSD through various humanitarian projects.

One of the favorite loyalty programs for all parents is dm babybonus, in which almost 45% of newborn babies in Serbia were registered in the recently concluded 2017/18 business year. dm drogerie markt with its partners has presented welcomed packages worth over RSD 30 million. Welcome packages are donated to every newborn baby registered in a program that consists of a diaper pack and a care product package.

The activity “Plug to Smile” aims to provide assistance to children with disabilities and disabilities throughout Serbia. With the cooperation of the companies dm drogerie markt, Loreal (Brand Garnier) and the Association “Čepom do smijeha”, which lasts from May 2017.

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