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Do not miss out on the benefits we offer you and make the right choice when it comes to the insurance company

Once you have planned your vacation abroad, the next thing to do is to choose good travel insurance so you can travel without any worries. AMS Osiguranje is the right choice for us because it offers simplified access to its services.

We have made it possible for you to quickly and securely buy travel health insurance online on our website, i.e. in our AMS Osiguranje webshop. This saves not only time but also money because if you decide to buy a travel health insurance policy in this way, we will grant you a discount of up to 30% during the promotional period only. Thus, your insurance premium for a seven-day stay in Europe, discount included, will cost you only 735 dinars. The savings are great, especially if you go on a family vacation since the premium, in this case, is only 1,617 dinars for the same period. All you have to do is report the insured case by calling the phone number you get with the policy and the cost of emergency medical intervention, medication and medical supplies, as well as many other health services, if covered by your insurance policy, will be sorted out.

Keep in mind that the risk of getting sick or having an accident while on the road is great, so it’s a good idea to think ahead. Do not miss out on the benefits we offer you, make the right choice when it comes to the insurance company and have carefree travel. All you have to do is take a few minutes and buy our travel health insurance from the comfort of your home. The online procedure for purchasing health insurance is quick, safe and consists of 5 simple steps. Wherever you go, the travel health insurance policy gives you complete peace of mind so you can enjoy every moment of your holiday abroad as AMS Osiguranje takes care of your health for the duration of your trip considering that you are insured 24 hours a day.

You can find a detailed guide for purchasing online travel health insurance on our website . Also, you can call 0800-009-009 for more information.


Enjoy your trip!


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