The Slovenian business club today represents a significant and influential factor in business circles in Serbia and Slovenia. Slovene and Serbian companies, as well as companies from other countries operating in these markets, recognize their interest in cooperation with the SPK and join.

Members of the SPK are socially responsible companies that achieve their business goals with full respect for the business environment, the local community and the environment in which they work.

The Slovenian business club has been successfully connecting the economies of Serbia and Slovenia for 15 years. As it grew, the club continuously expanded its range of services and activities, adapting to the wishes and demands of its members and the environment. The added value for members, business associates and friends of the club has always been the premise of all the activities of the club. Friendships, cooperation among members, cooperation with the state organs of Serbia and Slovenia, state chambers, business associations, the possibility of education, counseling, morality in making every decision – that’s all that is distinguished by the club today.

On December 4, 2018, at the Hyatt Residence Hotel in Belgrade, the SPK ceremoniously marked its anniversary, 15 years of successful work and a steady and stable growth. On this occasion, the President of the Club, Mr. Danijela Fišakov, awarded thank-you letters and gifts to persons, institutions and companies that specifically contributed to the development and duration of the club with the introductory words:

“… Since the founding of the Slovenian Business Club, when Mr. Jure Toplak, the then director of the” Gorenje “representative office in Serbia, has been elected as the first president, up to 600 members of the SPK have been members of the SPK, and over 40,000 participants took part in the events. Each one of these numerous participants, guests, companies, their representatives and employees typed in style with a handwritten letter, gods, and whole pages of this successful story. These evenings will be reminded of some of these individuals, institutions and companies and officially thank them for the significant contribution of a successful story, called the Slovenian Business Club. ”

Companies that made a significant contribution to the successful story, called the SPK, are: HSE Balkan Energy, Gorenje, Perutnina Ptuj Topiko, Petrol, Halcom, Impol Seval, Kovintrade, Sanol S, Weishoupt, Eti B, Prvi faktor-faktoring, Ekapija, Hyundai Srbija, NLB Bank and Aktiva Fitep.

Mr. Vladimir Kravchuk, the former president of the club and the vice-president of the club Mr. Dmitar Polovina, have a significant contribution to the successful story, called the Slovenian Business Club.

The SPK has great support from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Belgrade, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and SPIRIT, the public agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology, so that on this occasion the SPK once again expressed its immense value Thanksgiving for support and cooperation.

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