Fifth international scientific conference entitled “Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship” in Belgrade

Fifth international scientific conference entitled “Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship” under the auspices of the “College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship” (PEP), from Belgrade, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications was held on Friday at the “IN” Hotel in Belgrade.

28 OKTOBAR (1)

At the opening of the scientific conference a cooperation agreement with the Russian New University of Moscow, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Gabon and the University Business Academy in Novi Sad was signed. The signatories were: Director of PEP prof. Dr Jovan Živadinović, Vice’rector of RNU Igor Darda, Branka Vijoglavin on behalf of the Ministry of Education in Gabon and Rector of Business Academy Mirko Kulić.

28 OKTOBAR (2)– The aim of the conference is to network and exchange experiences in solving problems in these areas. Without networking and exchange of ideas and opinions there is no progress – said the President of the Scientific Committee of the conference prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović Marković.

28 OKTOBAR (3)Founder of VŠ PEP Dr. Dušan Cogoljević said, “I would especially emphasise that every year the number of students of PEP is  participating in the conference with his notable works.”

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Renata Pindžo, Deputy Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, addressed the audience on behalf of the Government of Serbia, saying it was necessary to fight for the working place, and that in this sense very important changes of the education system are necessary.

28 OKTOBAR (9)Co-organizers of the conference were: the International Research Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (IRISEED) from Birmingham (United Kingdom), International College for Interdisciplinary Studies (USA), Faculty of Entrepreneurship – University of Tehran (Iran), Belgrade Banking Academy (Serbia) University of business Engineering and management of Banja Luka, Faculty of philosophy – University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski “(Bulgaria) and the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship – ECSB University of Turku (Finland).

On Saturday 29 October, a round table was held with an interesting theme: ,,The costs and economic effects of the accession process and Serbia’s EU accession and economic effects upon full membership.” At the round table, in addition to professor from the universities of PEP, Milan Beslać, participated: prof. Dr. Dusan Janjić, deputy prof. Dr. Miladin Ševarlić, director of the Center for European Integration of the Serbian Chamber Gordana Tiodorović, president of the Association of Economists of Belgrade prof. Dr. Gojko Rikalović, prof. Dr. Dijana Grahovec the Banja Luka University, president of the Association of peasants 100+ Mile Zarin and Nebojša Atanacković, President of the Union of Employers of Serbia and prof. Dr. Radmila Grozdanić, academician, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship.

On the same day, 29 October, was held the Forum “Time management- Stress management”. Forumwas lead by Prof. Dr. Žarko Pavić, and the panelists were: Dr. Slavko Karavidić, Mihaela Stroe, Phd (Romania), Jasmina Tal (Bulgaria) Ioana Andrievici (Romania).

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