Fifth TeleGroup Infosec Conference on Information Security

Adequate and timely implementation of the latest IT Security solutions to ensure information security with harmonised legislation, and fighting the cyber terrorism – is the message of this year, the fifth in a row, TeleGroup Infosec Conference on Information Security, held in Vrdnik.

Co-organisers and representatives of the leading companies in the field of information security, such as Cisco, F5, Imperva and Radware, together with representatives of the company TeleGroup for over 200 participants presented the latest technological solutions for the protection of information – communication systems from hackers, computer viruses and other forms of misuse of information on the Internet. “The task of the conference is primarily educational to warn the region on to what can be expected, as well as to demonstrate the possibilities in the field of prevention and protection infrastructure and data.” said Diana Gligorijević, Regional Director of Marketing and Sales of TeleGroup.

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