Finish the Kasko Insurance policy today

Take care of your car with an experienced and professional AMS Insurance team. Come to Roosevelt 16 in Belgrade and at very affordable prices, complete the Kasko Insurance policy. Whether damage to the vehicle is due to a person’s liability or liability, AMS Insurance takes the risk of your vehicle in the event of a traffic accident, theft, flood, fire, tree or facade fall, and other risks, if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance.

We are the first insurer, and that is why we created the best prices and conditions on the market for you, and we were able to pay the premium in 12 months of war. We think of you and that’s why we have provided you with an additional discount for payment as a whole.

We remind all drivers that with each completed Kasko osiguranje policy you will receive a super membership and payment card AMSS, with which you receive free services and savings on the roads of Serbia and Europe in a year. The owner of the Super membership and payment card receives the right to free pick-up in the event of a malfunction or traffic accident, repair the vehicle on the road or transport to the nearest service, as well as hotel accommodation in the event of an accident.

Choose the safest way to protect your vehicle today. Visit us at more than 250 points of sale all over Serbia and with friendly staff to consult about choosing the most suitable combination of cover
in accordance with your needs and possibilities.

For more information, please call 0800-009-009 or visit our website at

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