Franjo Bobinac was appointed Vice President of Marketing for Hisense International

The board of directors of Hisense Group appointed the chairman of the board of directors of Gorenje, Franjo Bobinac, as marketing vice president of Hisense International.

Bobinac will remain at the helm of the Management Board of Gorenje, but he will also be in charge of global marketing at Hisense International, a corporation that covers all international activities Hisense Group. Following the successful takeover by Gorenje of the international branch of one of the largest Chinese electronics and home appliance manufacturers, Hisense, the new owner’s management board has already taken steps to integrate home appliance manufacturers into their global family of 75,000 employees. This includes the use of potential talented individuals working in one of the oldest European home appliance manufacturers, based in Velenje, Slovenia. Mr. Franjo Bobinac will oversee the marketing activities of Hisense International around the world as global marketing vice president and will use his knowledge and experience to align marketing strategies and activities of all brands within the new portfolio of Hisense Group brands.

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