GORAN DJORDJEVIĆ, Managing Director – CDC Serbia: Culture of Innovation


Digital transformation means that organization of the company, including all its business processes need to be revised. There is no one definition or one way to perform digital transformation as every company is different and every company needs to be approached in the specific way.

How Consulteer sees digital transformation?

— Digital transformation is very often mistaken for having new software package in the company or having new IT department that will deal with technology related questions. Unfortunately, that is not even remotely correct, in fact if it is not recognized on time, it can play negative role in the development of the company. For the last ten years Consulteer is working with number of companies, from small local ones to the big multinational companies in Switzerland, on performing analysis and implementation of new organization and processes. Together with our client we go back to the basics, using “first-principle analysis” we determine the core, key differentiators, key pain points for the company. Following that we build organization and processes from ground up, having culture of innovation and agility as key goals to achieve. Various kinds of software and hardware are just tools that are applied with precisely defined purpose. We make sure that technology is adjusted to the processes and not vice versus.

What are key markets for Consulteer?

— Consulteer in Serbia was started five years ago with idea to optimize software development costs, however from that time, by realizing potential of great talent that we have in Serbia, we developed into full end-to-end service provider that is taking equal role in preparing solutions for our clients. We are performing business analysis, preparing, executing software development, deploying and maintaining solutions. We are proud to say that we are developing long term relations with our clients, and usually when cooperation starts it lasts for years with having new projects. Our key markets are Switzerland, Germany and Austria where we are growing rapidly, faster than the market itself.

Who are your clients? Is digital transformation in Serbia understood properly?

— Our clients are mainly multinational corporations in Switzerland and Germany, we work with Swisscom, Swiss Post, Deutsche Bahn, nine.ch, Visionary AG, Formula V {avaloc}, etc. for them we are preparing end to end solutions, digital platforms that are used by tens of thousands of people. Our platforms are concentrated on optimization of business processes, i.e. one of our clients started to use mobile app to report business trips cost and having all other related processes automated and executed in background – we have built whole end to end solution. We are very proud on our joint venture company CTS, which we created with iTaxi from Zrenjanin. Together we have created new transportation platform, that enables transport of “anything” from points A to B, in the most effective way. Here we are using machine learning and prediction algorithms to minimize the costs, while in the same time offering increased customer satisfaction trough faster reaction times and very pleasant user interface and experience. This is truly Serbian product, that is based on the latest technology that we are going to bring also to the market of Western Europe.

If we talk about investments and creation of jobs, what are potentials for further development of Serbian IT sector?

— We just scratched the surface, demand for IT services and solutions in the world continues to grow and it is not slowing down. Looking at Industry 4.0 requirements, automations in all the fields… it is very important that we come out at the right side of the change. I feel that we need to be more in end-to-end delivery and creation of the solutions instead of only executing it. We have natural curiosity and vit in our culture that we just need to “unleash” and let it thrive. Potential is practically limitless, this does not mean that everybody should become IT engineers and developers, however everything is already based on technology and it depends solely on us as a society how we will use our chance.


In Serbia, we are happy to say that we see that companies are getting aware of the need to transform and adapt; however, it is also visible that it is still on the level of the “hype” and that more guidance is needed. We are working with business unions such as Serbian Association of Employers, ZREPOK, etc. supporting events, talking about the change.

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