Long-Term Communicating Values – Gordana Tomić, Artist and economist

The works of local artists in the workspace have a CSR character, but they are also a powerful tool for motivating your employees

We, in the Art Parliament team, certainly like the most when great examples of contemporary art directly communicate exactly what art means – a high level of energy, aesthetics and simply the beauty of the artwork in the business environment, vibrancy of colours and high alertness and efficiency of joyful observers and associates in a beautiful and pleasant space intended for work and success

What is the difference between private and corporate collections?

Individuals and Companies are collecting Art from different reasons. On one side, personal collections are build based on personal taste and preferences of Owner/Collector, and on Corporate side main driver is based on responsible investment. That usually include quantified investment with certain ROI (Return of Investment) of Art works, based on market values, that include growth estimations, sales statistics of certain Artist as well as appropriate balance of values inside of Corporate collection in total number of Artworks included. Our practice is that Corporate collections has to have growth index around 5-6% (Forbes) and 80% of value is coming from 20% of Artworks in Corporate Collection.

Which companies are recognized corporate collectors in Serbia and how some company start their investments in corporate collections?

We have several great examples, even with classic and encyclopaedic artworks in banking, ICT and insurance sectors. Some of them invested in contemporary art, in projects that has their beginning and the end, and others were successors of collections, after some complex business processes, like major merging, acquisitions of other companies or even some privatisation and/or transition process. Some of them continuously invest and upgrade their collections and present to the public.

“Our target group are those companies that has strong and developed HR sector, with massive investment in employee satisfaction, strategic marketing, real-estate and interior design upgrading”

Is top management excellence needed for such PROJECTS?

Certainly, it requires strong advocacy from top management level, and it is important that those leaders are also strong supporters of the creative motivation of their employees, either through purchase either through our rent-a-painting model, when they decide to establish their Artwork collection. It is always connected with specific kind of managers that apply all kind of motivational models with their employees, but on the other side, they are also visionaries, progressive and modern leaders that have seen art collections in a number of their partner and vendor companies, and recognized that environment as the most positive, global imperative as well as corporate responsible act.

What values are communicated through the art collection in the Company?

The values ​​that communicate through the art collection today are:

  • Motivation of employees
  • Personalization of the workplace (our method through questionnaires)
  • Strengthening the team spirit, because sometimes we embrace the visual task of the work in space according to the specific team or office
  • Responsible investment, especially for the rent-a-painting model
  • Solvency, for the purchase of paintings
  • Modernity and inclusion of the social community
  • Sharing global values ​​of high domains

Often companies communicate prestige, as well as market diversification in comparison with main competitors.

Who is in your Team?

My specialty is that Art and Business are working parliamentary, side by side, and that exactly represent our name – Art Parliament. That also explains our focus on business aspects of our Art projects – Legal, Logistics, Analytic, Project Management and Insurance. Of course, every collection and our Team is led by Art Curator, then we have Facility management, as well as serious and well trained team for logistics and transport.

We take into account the copyrights of our artists, but also the rights of further production, especially of the expo activities, of our clients. We have a special team for processing the questionnaires according to which we choose the colours, motifs, and compositions of the work for people of a certain sensibility, and for art tasks based on the client assessment of an internal and external HR specialist.

Of course, we always have at least one project manager from the client-side and our project management is at the senior profession level.

Equipping paintings with frames and other details are also at the highest level, taking into account the business environment in which the painting goes,

what style it belongs to: for example – art noir interior, modular and modern, or today’s popular industrial LOFT design. We also review from which series the painting comes, to which story it belongs – and in those cases you need to know the details, and in some occasions to work on logistic and on import.

Some of our Artists are well recognized on the world-wide markets, for the paintings that have a well-known and unique price on the global market represented by international galleries, therefore the special part of our expertise is international professional cooperation, which we are extremely proud of.

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