Gorski Hotel & Spa: The art of pushing boundaries

In only two years since its opening, the Gorski Hotel & Spa has become synonymous with luxury, impeccable service and lifting the standard of hospitality both on the Kopaonik Mountain and throughout the country. Both guests and experts share this opinion as a result of a series of successes achieved by the hotel’s team of dedicated professionals whose energy is inexhaustible.

After the winter season, during which the Gorski Hotel & Spa firmly positioned itself as the best skiing resort on the Kopaonik, the pandemic brought on huge changes. However, the state of emergency and the closure of the hotel did not mean the cessation of work for its team. The recess in the hotel’s operations was used to devise the strategy for the next period, especially the summer season, which resulted in unprecedented business success and numerous satisfied guests.

A flexible and innovative approach to the summer season, during which guests have been offered a range of activities and packages under the slogan „Beach is not the only place to spend summer on“, has contributed to the propagation of a completely new experience of the Kopaonik as a desirable holiday destination. Many positive comments testify to this but also does the hotel’s high occupancy, which has not subsided even in September. Precisely because of the great interest shown by the guests and occupancy during September, the Gorski has extended the summer for its guests and prolonged the validity of all packages and activities which are also enriched with new and special offers.

The packages were created after careful market analysis, but with special reference to individual and human needs after a long period of isolation. Thus, the emphasis was placed on the family package, which, in addition to free accommodation for children, also offers a range of outdoor activities adapted to the whole family. Apart from this package, while being aware of the need to reconnect with nature and self, the Gorski also offers you a package that combines special spa treatments and activities in nature.

One of the offers that have pushed the boundaries, so to speak, and served as an inspiration to many, marked this summer in the Gorski. This the Kids Daycare & Gorski Office package, intended for everyone for whom an extended period of work from home brings challenges. The newly opened congress centre, which has a beautiful hall with a balcony, has been turned into a modern office space with all preventive protocols adhered to. Here, you can work from 9 am to 5 pm, while child care, children entertainers and a scout camp are provided throughout the day. A great interest shown in this package is a clear indication that the innovative approach is based on real insights and a way of doing business that singled out the Gorski and made the hotel a hospitality leader during the summer season as well.

“The innovative approach based on real insights has singled out the Gorski and made the hotel a hospitality leader during the summer season as well”

The hotel is preparing for the autumn season in the same spirit. As this is a period usually reserved for corporate gatherings, the hotel had to adapt to the new conditions. The priority is certainly the implementation of prescribed prevention measures. The possibility of adapting the terrace ensures a stay in the fresh air and a new experience of working, meeting with the company’s team and organizing events. Teambuilding and corporate packages are tailored to gatherings of fewer people, and the combination of state-of-the-art conference space, outdoor activities, adrenaline activities, the idyllic spa, using rooms for board games and impeccable service is a proven recipe for a productive stay, rife with pleasure.

The hotel has created special offers for companies and organizations that want to redirect their energy and funds provided for team building trips and thus reward their employees. With this gesture, the Gorski wanted to help its partners taking into account that we all face a multitude of changes and uncertainty, in which solidarity and support should be the most important.

The goal for the winter season is clear – to further solidify the leadership position. Judging by the number of the early booking reservations already made, the effort and previous results, any goal that the Gorski Hotel & Spa sets for itself this winter is achievable. The details of all the novelties will remain a secret for some time to come, but Gorski remains consistent with its approach, proving that anybody ready to change is at the top of their game.

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